RADIO6ENSE's products and services aim to provide the last 10 meters of the emerging Internet of Things, enabling Cloud Services to interact with the real World.
RADIO6ENSE offers hardware and software solutions addressed to System Integrators, Engineers, Consultancy companies, Public and Private Agencies, as well as End Users willing to introduce the RFID Sensing Technology inside their own processes.


RADIO6ENSE, as technology developer, offers the following RFID sensors and systems:

1) T-Tags: Battery-less temperature tags, able to measure and wireless transmit the temperature of objects and their surrounding environment.

2) W-Tags: wearable textile tags suitable to operate in close proximity of the human body. Tiny and made of lightweight materials, W-Tags can be embedded in plasters, wristband, clothes, sport suits and garments.

3) RADIOScan Kit: a temperature diagnostic kit that includes:
  • a portable UHF RFID reader
  • a set of battery-less temperature tags 
  • a set of wearable and general purpose tags 
  • control and visualization software
4) Night Care System: An ambient Intelligence environment able to monitor sleeping parameters and identify anomalous events.

1. Antenna Design
2. RF-board Optimization
3. RFID network planning
4. Electromagnetic exposure compliance
5. RFID Privacy
6. Mechanical Design
7. Training