TEMPERATURE TAGS (T-tags) are new generation wireless passive sensors used to pervasively measure temperature of people, objects, and environments. 

They are suited to be placed over and into any kind of surface including metals and even the human body to collect body temperature. 

Because of their low cost, T-Tags can be moreover used in applications wherein a large number of sensors is required. 

T-Tag sensors can work also in battery-assisted (BAP) mode and we can customize them in size and shape. 

Some possible T-Tags applications: 

  • Building Industry: T-Tag used to monitor buildings like houses, bridges, tunnels, and industrial plant.
  • Large-Scale Retail Trade and Pharmaceutical Industry: T-Tags are used to monitor the cold-chain in food and pharma. Inserted into pharmacy refrigerators or thermal bags, they can be used for long term monitoring of perishable food or in clinical studies.
  • Domotic Systems: i T-Tags integrated with modern domotic technologies, can be used to obtain a uniform air-conditioning, reducing energetic costs.
  • Human Body Temperature monitoring: t-tags can also be used  for wireless measures of human body temperature.
  • In healthcare applications, for example, T-Tags may support the optimization of clinic procedures and improve patients and operators safety. 


  • Passive and BAP mode 
  • Position and surface independent tags 
  • Max read-distance from 1m (short-range reader, 0500mW) up to 50m (long-range reader and BAP) 
  • Operational range: -40°C to 85°C 
  • Measurement range: -40°C to 65°C 
  • Temperature Resolution 0.25°C 
  • Designed to operate in both FCC and ETSI bands 

Together with the T-tag, R6E develops a completely customizable hardware/ software platform for temperature detection and monitoring.

Examples of measured temperature profiles


A passive sensor is a battery-less tag activated by a radiofrequency reader that communicates with it through an electromagnetic field. 

The Reader’s job is to activate the tag and to decode the signal received from it.