3 simple steps to setup a passive wireless sensor network


RADIOSCAN Kit is a complete tool for objects’ temperature wireless monitoring and comprises a USB EPC GEN-2 UHF medium range reader, a Bluetooth reader, both able to communicate with RADIO6ENSE T-Tags sensors, a pack of 10 T-tags, a USB cable for interconnection with a PC and a control and visualization software.

Using a simple plug & play approach, the kit enables to set-up a personal sensing grid in a few minutes, giving open way to the customer’s need for technology hands-on test.

Case Study 1

T-tags can be used to monitor the temperature of perishable items along the whole cold chain. Try it yourself: have you ever wondered how fast your food freezes up?

Case Study 2

The temperature distribution can be far from homogeneous in a building with many different spaces. Assessing its variation is the first step towards more energy efficient buildings, with benefits in terms of heating/cooling costs.

Electric Plants and Devices

Electric industrial machinery would extremely benefit from a broad control of the temperature of its parts, in order to avoid overheating and ensure the quality of the process. Try it on your PC: is the CPU overheating?

Case Study 4

Temperature has an important role in many fields of application: for instance, it is essential to control the temperature of concrete during its maturation process, in order to ensure that its mechanical properties are totally preserved.