WEARABLE Textile Tag
The Wearable Textile Tags are passive UHF RFID tags suitable to operate in close proximity of the human body. The lightweight materials and the small sizes allow them to be worn as badge necklace, to be inserted into wallet and brought into pockets or pursues and to be integrated into plasters, wristband, clothes, sport suits and garments.

On request, RADIO6ENSE is available to customize the size and the shape of the wearable tags according to the specific applications.



- Position and surface independent

- Size from 4cmx3cm up to 10cmx7cm 
- Max read-distance from 3m up to 7m.
- Designed to operate in both FCC and ETSI bands.
- Felt, EPDM, foam substrates
- Lightness and extremely reduced invasiveness for the holders.


                        12 tagged persons within 1m2