RADIO6ENSE is developping a wearable UHF battery-less system able to monitor physiological and pathological Human movements.  

When attached over a limb, the trunk or any other body region, by means of a plaster or an elastic bandage, the system responds to the reader’s query with a movement-dependent information with great sensitivity to very weak  motion.

Detection of limbs’ movements in sleep diseases as quantitative diagnosis support, able to estimate the duration and the occurrence of the motion events.

Support to body rehabilitation to detect the movement of particular limbs
In-house healthcare: Monitoring of patients exposed to heart, epilepsy or other neurological risks for which a real-time analysis of the inactivity periods could help to prevent or recover the occurrence of crisis. This system is less intrusive than conventional video-camera, preserving the patient’s privacy.

Monitoring people working in harsh environment, such as firemen, miners, astronauts and polar scientist.

 A first system able to monitor the Sleep Quality of Elderly people in domestic and hospital environment, Night-Care, has been developed, tested and presented to the PTE-EXPO 2013.

Security and Logistics

Control the access-limited zones. The tag, worn by the working personnel, could help to detect the access into a security zone and to produce additional information about their movement, with the purpose to emit specific warnings.

Monitoring the movement of sensible objects with respect to a fixed position.

Remote activation of identity-specific services in social events



Detection of false start in rush and racing

Activity Monitoring