Home Automation 
Wearable RFID Tags can be used as enabling components of Home Automation systems. A person is recognized by the environment that self-configures following the usual behavior of the tag holder, for instance by tuning lights or reproducing a preferite melody. 

Thermal Diagnostic Systems
Thermal RFID tags are good candidates to replace thermocouples and thermistors within industrial thermal diagnostic systems and cameras with a remarkable reduction of cables and overall complexity and costs.
Possible applications to satellite ground test-beds, nuclear equipments and civil infrasctructures. 

Personal Diagnostics and Remote Assistance
Wearable tags placed onto the human body can be used to gather informations about limb's gestures and about the personal behavior inside environments with the purpose of developing an expert system capable to detect anomalous events and activate warnings and alarms. 
Applications to remote assistence of aged people, physical rehabilitation, children monitoring. 

Tags in Rubbers
RFID Tags can find applications also inside rubbers of different kinds, either for tires, for belts or for other applications. An integration of the tag inside the rubber poses however particular challenges, due to the particular material structure of the rubber, as well as its characteristic manufacturing process (vulcanization).
In this field, Radio6ense and its partners have started a strong characterization and design effort in order to analyze the possible performance.