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Tags inside Rubbers

Rubbers are elastomeric materials which find a plethora of applications in commercial products. They are particularly relevant for instance in the tire industry and for moving belts.
Due to the large application area and the particular manufacturing process (vulcanization), involving high temperatures and stresses, there is an increasing need for monitoring of the manufacturing process of the rubber, as well as for an easy identification of rubber products by RFID.
In order to cope with such increasing interest, RADIO6ENSE has started a common effort with partners Leane International and Aerosekur, aiming at characterising the rubbers from an electromagnetic point of view and analyzing the potentialities of RFID tag placement inside rubbers.
These steps will then permit to better design ad-hoc solutions for the rubber industry.

In order to characterize the rubber properties, an in-house characterization technique has been developed, making use of two coupled ring resonators: the rubber sample will be placed in between them and its characteristics in terms of dielectric constant and conducibility will then be derived by the measured resonances of the rings.

Such technique enables to derive the electrical properties relevant for electromagnetic design.
With the help of such information, RADIO6ENSE has for instance analyzed the achievable performance of tags embedded into different positions in tires, hence providing helpful indications for future developments. The results of the study have been presented at the MMS2015 conference in Lecce (Italy).