RADIO6ENSE is an innovative start-up, born as a spin-off of the “Pervasive Electromagnetics lab” at the University of Rome Tor Vergata.

RADIO6ENSE is specialized in research and development in the area of antennas, electromagnetic modeling, and Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) systems. Such technology can be used to collect data and to monitor environments where radio-sensors are distributed.

The idea behind RFID technology is similar to the one used for barcodes. However, it brings many advantages over barcodes since the information can be transmitted in a much longer range using a radiofrequency Tag. The Tags are electronic labels, basically made with a microchip surrounded by a small antenna that can be activated by an electromagnetic field generated by a RFID Reader and can be rewritten many times.


RFID technology can apply to a wide variety of scenarios, i.e.:

  • to monitor people and animals in medical or veterinarian environments (for example, the passive-tags used for pervasive temperature monitoring of people and objects);
  • in the building industry, to measure concrete maturity, or to monitor humidity and corrosion of infrastructures;
  • for precision farming and large retailers, to monitor cold chains of food and drugs;
  • in logistics, to avoid collisions among lift trucks and operators;
  • by shipping carriers, for shipment monitoring and tracking.

RADIO6ENSE, as technology developer, offers the following RFID sensors and systems:

1) T-Tags
: Battery-less temperature tags, able to measure and wireless transmit the temperature of objects and their surrounding environment.

2) W-Tags: wearable textile tags suitable to operate in close proximity of the human body. Tiny and made of lightweight materials, W-Tags can be embedded in plasters, wristband, clothes, sport suits and garments.

3) RADIOscan Kit: a temperature diagnostic kit that includes:
  • a portable UHF RFID reader
  • a set of battery-less temperature tags 
  • a set of wearable and general purpose tags 
  • control and visualization software
4) Nightcare system: An ambient Intelligence environment able to monitor sleeping parameters and identify anomalous events.

Radio6ense also offers engineering consulting for design and development of custom RFID tags and systems, implementation of industrial diagnostic systems, and on-site training courses about theory and application of RFID technology in the industry workflow.

Radio6ense S-RFID technology, in brief

Wireless: wireless tags that communicate using electromagnetic fields in compliance with established international regulations;

Pervasive: tags can be applied to any kind of surface and environment, and in any atmospheric condition;

Passive: tags are battery-less and do not require any maintenance after placement;

Versatile: RFID technology has a wide variety of applications, while it is scalable and low cost.