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RADIO6ENSE is partner in the SCISSOR (Security in trusted SCADA and Smart Grids) project, financed by the EC in the framework of the research programm Horizon 2020.
The project aims at developing, together with national and international partners, a solution for integrated monitoring of critical infrastructures, subject to cyber-attacks.
Such solution will allow to rapidly identify misbehaviours of the infrastructure, though not identified by the SCADA system (possibly aim of the cyber attack).

In such a system, RADIO6ENSE is developing an environmental sensing system, by using the RADIOSCAN software (now integrated with the processing software DEWESOFT for even better user experience and data analysis), together with T-Tags, Wearable-Tags and the new RADIOboard sensing platform, able to be reconfigured easily and be used for sensing different parameters (light, humidity, ...).

During September 2016, RADIO6ENSE presented its concept for the wireless passive sensing network to partners, during the Mid Term Review Meeting in Bruxelles.
It showed as well the results of the first operative tests, performed in Roma, as well as in Favignana, inside an eletric cabin of SEA, partner of the project and chosen as testbed for the demonstrator of SCISSOR.

Here are some of the most relevant parts of RADIO6ENSE presentation to partners:

 The Wireless Passive Sensor Network by RADIO6ENSE, with humidity, light, temperature sensors and access control.

 The new sensing platform RADIOboard, with battery-assisted e battery-less mode operation, and able to be connected to different sensors. It can be used on different materials (concrete, metals, ...)

The RadioSCAN software is now connected to the data processing software DEWESOFT, for an improved user experience and data analysis capability for the final user

 The  Network Architecture of the TestBed set up in an electric cabin of the SEA in Favignana...

 ... and the Graphical User Interface available for users, with information about the sensors and their current status!