IOT Infographic: The Internet of Things (or IOT) is spreading rapidly, with new ways to imagine our future. RADIO6ENSE, with its ecosystems of wireless sensors, is contributing to bringing it to reality. An infographic on explains greatly how this tech revolution is growing and what the vision is:  What is exactly the Internet of Things

Concrete Monitoring System:
  RADIO6ENSE and Fama SpA are proud to announce the first wireless and battery-less Concrete Monitoring System.

 Scan Kit:  RADIO6ENSE is proud to announce the latest addition to its product portfolio: the RADIO SCAN Kit.

RADIO6ENSE launches the new generation of Temperature-Tags (T-Tags), both as conformal and as in-depth sensors.


SAIE 2013 (Bologna):  RADIO6ENSE exhibits its T-Tags in SAIE 2013, the most important Italian trade fair on buildings innovation;

RIETI INNOVA 2013 (Rieti):  RADIO6ENSE exhibits its NIGHT-CARE system and the T-Tags in RIETI INNOVA 2013;

T-Tags:  RADIO6ENSE develops and start offering the T-Tags, battery-less temperature sensors for multi-purpose applications; 

PTE-EXPO 2013 (Bologna):  RADIO6ENSE exhibits its NIGHT-CARE system in PTE EXPO 2013, the only trade fair in Italy completely dedicated to operators and professionals of Elderly Care. 

Night-Care:  RADIO6ENSE develops and starts offering NIGHT-CARE, its Passive RFID System for monitoring the quality of sleep of Elderly people. 


Il Sole 24 Ore  presents RADIO6ENSE and the NIGHT-Care system.


InSiem 2014 (September 2014): Best Business Idea

To Cecilia Occhiuzzi for the NIGHTCare system

IEEE RFID-TA 2014 (September 2014): Honorable Mention

To Sabina Manzari for her paper, " A Passive Temperature Radio-Sensor for Concrete Maturation Monitoring"

IEEE RFID-TA 2012 (November 2012): Best Student Paper

To Sabina Manzari 
for her paper, " 
Miniaturized and Tunable Wearable RFID Tag for Body-Centric Applications". 

IEEE AP-S Italian Section: Student Award (October 2012): 

To Sabina Manzari for her paper, "Humidity Sensing by Polymer-loaded UHF RFID Antennas". 


RFID Journal Live 2012 (April 2012): Best Thesis Award

To Cecilia Occhiuzzi for her thesis, "Wearable and Implantable RFID Technology for Pervasive Healthcare: Human Identification and Sensing". 

EUCAP 2012 Prague (March 2012): Best Student Paper

To Cecilia Occhiuzzi for her paper "Experimental Characterization of the RFID STENTag for Passive Vascular Monitoring".

IEEE AP-S Doctoral Award (January 2012):

To Cecilia Occhiuzzi 
for her research activity on RFID STENTag