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RADIO6ENSE is proud to announce the latest addition to its product portfolio: the RADIOSCAN Kit.

The RADIOSCAN Kit is a complete tool for objects’ temperature wireless monitoring and comprises a USB EPC GEN-2 UHF medium range reader, able to communicate with RADIO6ENSE T-Tags sensors, a pack of 5 T-tags, a USB cable for interconnection with a PC and a control and visualization software.

Using a simple plug & play approach, the kit enables to set-up a personal sensing grid in a few minutes, giving open way to the customer’s need for technology hands-on test.

Using the T-Tags provided in the kit, it will be possible to check wirelessly the temperature of the objects on which the T-Tags are placed, with an easy and user-friendly interface.

RADIOSCAN is of course also able to communicate with standard EPC GEN 2 RFID tags and is therefore the ultimate “fully flexible” kit for initiation to RFID sensing and for real-life evaluation of its benefits and integration with legacy RFID systems.

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