The monitoring of the quality of food, beverages and drugs is extremely important in pervasive healthcare systems to complete the analysis of personal situations and detect possible dangerous events.

RADIO6ENSE has  developed a UHF wireless passive system based on chemical sensors, temperature RFID loggers and  thermal fuses able to monitor humidity, temperature and different gases in the surroundings of the tagged object.  


Quality assessment during the supply-chain and long term storage of pharmaceutical products, like vaccines, drugs, blood bags. The proposed system can monitor goods needing to be kept at constant temperature and stable humidity levels.

Storage of foods, like fruit, vegetables, frozen foods, beverages. The gas and humidity sensors can detect the state of maturation and conservation of the perishable goods.

Industrial applications for the production of materials that are sensitive to moisture.



  • Storing the information of temperature all along the supply chain, even in absence of continuous interrogation by a reader
  • Probing the perishable objects in a pervasive, energy-efficient, and affordable way to collect a big amount of data
  • No need of maintenance.
  • Lightweight, wireless, passive and size-reduced sensors