Projects through the Pervasive Electromagnetics Lab of the University of Roma Tor Vergata.

Design of Implanted Tags for Temperature Sensing in Concrete
customer: FAMATIM, Italy

Microwave heating of Photovoltaic Panels
customer: SASIL, Italy

Modular and customisable accomodation friendly antenna system for satellite avionics
customer: European Space Agency-ESTEC, The Netherlands

Design of Miniaturized RFID antennas for body-worn applications

customer: AMEDO, Germany

Multi-band antenna systems for hand-held Galileo receivers
customer:  Thales Alenia Space, Italy

Miniaturized Multi-Function Antenna System for Micro/Nano-Satellites

customer: European Space Agency-ESTEC, The Netherlands

Evaluation of predictive tools for the electromagnetic compliance of base-station antennas

customer:  The Province of Roma, Italy

Experimental characterization of AUTOVELOX Radar

customer: Lindblad & Piana, Italy

Electromagnetic Analysis of antenna co-location over vehicular platforms

customer:  Selex Communications, Italy

Multi-function structural antenna system for naval communications

customer:  Selex Communications, Italy