A strategic role in the present and future healthcare will be in charge of implanted medical devices which need a periodic or even real-time monitoring from outside, useful to the clinicians to evaluate the effectiveness of their action and accordingly to update the medical treatment, or more drastically to prevent severe drawbacks for the patients in case of complications and failure.  

RADIO6ENSE has developed and patented the concept of STENTag, an augmented version of a carotid stent, equipped by an RFID IC and hence transformed into a vessel sensor, a data memory stick and finally into a communication deviceThe STENTag, totally passive, can be powered and interrogated by conventional Smartphones and hand-held devices. Patent Pending WO/2011/121581

The same technology can be applied to prosthesis, sutures or orthopedic fixings such to transform them into RFID radio-sensors suitable to be interrogated by an external reader and able to “sense” themselves and the close surrounding environment. 

By data acquisition at different times, it will be possible to collect the history of morphologic or chemical changes of tissues, thus observing in an indirect way their working operations, the healing process and possible complications.