RADIO6ENSE is complementary to the Pervasive Electromagnetics Lab of the University of Roma "Tor Vergata": from here, our Company takes ideas and the results to be transformed into industrial products. 

Short-range passive sensing of chemical-physical parameters
We are a proprietary technology to design, fabricate and test chemical-loaded antennas embedding carbon nanotubes and conductive polymers with the aim to remotely detect the presence and the amount of some gas such as ammonia, humidity and ethanol.

Embedded radio-sensors for structural deformations: 
Thanks to a collaboration with Civil Engineering researchers we are developing strain-gauge like RFID tags useful to be embedded into or over concrete walls, pillars or a around a crack to remotely sense the Health of a Structure. Electromagnetic effort is oriented to govern and shape the antenna backscattering in presence of time-dependent boundary conditions.

Wearable radio-devices for human-bo sensing: 
We are developing one of the key technologies to enable the personal E-Health of tomorrow, wherein the person, through his own smartphone, will become the primary hub of data collection about his own body.